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We have produced 3 CDs so far – from 2001, 2005 and 2008. Here are some tracks from them, for you to listen to at your leisure. Don’t forget you can come and hear the real thing at our next concert!

We still have copies of the 2008 CD for sale –

‘……..loved your CD and the group sounds great….’   Sir James Galway

If you would like to purchase copies of the 2008 CD, recorded in the beautiful setting of Cartmel Priory, then please click on the button below to pay via Paypal – price £5 each.

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Dawn Carol, by Margaret Lowe 2008 CD
A favourite of ours and very effective. A fanfare of flutes working in canon…

Blue Train, by Ryohei Hirose 2008 CD
A night-time train journey starting with a double helping of piccolo as the train whistle!

Rhythm of Life, by Cy Coleman (arr. de Lozey) 2008 CD
Well-known foot tapping feelgood piece from the Broadway musical ‘Sweet Charity’.

Brandenburg Concerto, by J S Bach (arr. Wyver) 2008 CD
1st movement of 2nd Concerto, with piccolo taking solo trumpet part. Can you tell this is the only piece that doesn’t have a conductor?

Air on a G string, by J S Bach (arr. Christensen) 2008 CD
A rare Hamlet moment……..

Dance of the Hours, by Ponchielli (arr. S. Ben-Muir) 2008 CD
This well-known piece is great fun to listen to – makes you want to dance……!

Miss Ladybug, by Kathleen Mayne 2008 CD
One of 7 animals from a suite of pieces – a very regal  stately dance.

Saltarello, by Mendelssohn (arr. S. Ben-Muir) 2008 CD
From his Italian Symphony. A highly spirited romantic movement with all the tendency of romance to vanish round the corner!

We Be Beboppin, by Sonny Burnette 2005 CD
1st flute and piccolo get to do some improvising but watch out for top Bflat in the piccolo part!

In Remembrance, by Buryl Red (arr. N. Kile) 2005 CD
Originally written for voices this works beautifully for concert flutes and piano.

Nola, by Felix Arndt 2005 CD
Sounds just like a pianola roll – incessant and juke box-like!

Cossack Ride, (arr. Robin Soldan) 2001 CD
One of our favourites at Christmas, maybe not for the bass flute player who ends the piece though…!

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Have a look at a more comprehensive list of the sort of music we play at our concerts on our Repertoire page or listen to some of our live performances on the Live Extracts page.


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  1. Thank you so much!

    This is such a beautiful version of In Remembrance. My youth choir sang this, and we had it played at our wedding. I am going to share this with my Bible study group this week, and post a link on my blog.

    Lisa B.

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