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Heppy Deane 2012

Since leaving Flutes & Co I have had such a fantastic time at university! I learnt so much, met many lovely and talented people, enjoyed the social life and learnt to use my flute in so many wonderful settings. (Highlights include playing Beethoven’s Ninth at Leeds Cathedral, being terrified performing Shostakovich 10 after a night of no sleep and entertaining lots of bars in Leeds dressed as Buzz Lightyear as part of a Frank Zappa band!). University went by far too quickly. Since finishing I have passed my flute teaching diploma so I’m hoping to start teaching shortly. I’m currently working for ‘Windstruments’ in their Harrogate shop which is interesting, and I’m helping to set up the Windstruments Flute Orchestra – unfortunately there’s no sign of a contrabass yet. I’m also hoping to adopt a cat!