Flutes & Co Inspire

Flutes & Co has recently designed an ‘Inspire’ programme to develop and encourage young flute players who have yet to reach the Grade 3 minimum standard for full group membership. Simplified parts enable the youngsters to rehearse and perform with the group. This was trialled in Autumn/Winter 2018 with great success which led to several additional regular members and more junior players desperate to join again this year. The Inspire students have the opportunity to try out the piccolos, altos and basses for themselves, in addition to the contrabass when they’re tall enough to play it! We hope that the opportunities that Inspire memberships provide will lead to the young performers more rapidly developing their musicianship skills due to increased motivation to practice and performance opportunities within the Flutes & Co community group.

Inspire members are invited to join us for rehearsals at the Abbott Hall Social Centre once per half term. This includes an exclusive Inspire practice before joining the main group rehearsal at 6pm. Upcoming Inspire rehearsal dates can be found on our calendar.

For more information please contact Sue Nicholls on sueplaysflute@gmail.com